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NuVasive is a biotech medical instrument company revolutionizing surgery with minimally invasive spinal procedures. Most of NuVasive's products are marketed directly to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

I was directed to keep the original logo mark and to only adjust it, in turn preserving the equity people know. I decided to preserve only the N and the V, but using type instead of vector.

NuVasive is an invented compound word with an uppercase V halfway in, making it PascalCase. I used that idea and made a symbol by blending them. In the logo mark, I kept the center line straight up, symbolizing good posture, and the human spine. By branding luck, my symbol goes with NuVasive's slogan "change a patient's life every minute." The great logos of have names, the Nike Swoosh, The Nasa Worm. I call these "clock hands."